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How many text pages can 1GB memory stick hold?

How many text pages can 1GB memory stick hold?

Text ASCII File

1 GB = 1,024 MB = 1048,576 KB = 107,3741,824 bytes

An ASCII character in 8-bit ASCII encoding is 1 byte; so, we get 107,3741,824 characters.

Assume an average of 5 characters per word, plus a space (6 characters) = 178,956,970 words.
At 200 words per page, that's 894,784 pages.

There are roughly 900,000 ACSII text pages per 1GB of memory.


Microsoft Word Document

200 words in a one page Microsoft word doc = 8KB
That = 128 pages in 1MB (1,024 divided by 8)
That = 131,072 pages in 1GB (1,024 times 128)

roughly 130,000 Word pages per 1GB of memory.

This article was published on Wednesday 02 September, 2009.


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